The Habanero

Batch 2

The Habanero is a high quality Bitcoin mining board designed to take advantage of the Golden Nonce chip from HashFast. Its so spicy! For larger orders please contact us.


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Product Description

650 GH/s nominal hashing speed but demonstrated with closed loop cooler to run over 700GH/s. Proper liquid cooling is required to reach these speeds and individual results may vary.
About 1 Watt per GH/s, or one Joule per GH typical at nominal speeds. Power consumption can vary with underclocking or overclocking from nominal speeds
High performance 28nm ASIC mining chip. Die has built in thermal controls that allow the chip to pushed to the edge without damaging cores. Designed to be under-clocked for greater efficiency, and overclocked for greater performance
Designed using a state-of-the-art Texas Instruments Digital voltage controller and best-in-class 60A-rated International Rectifier DrMOS outputs, the supply for each die has been designed and tested to output up to 300A. With very high efficiency in the normal operating range of 150-200A, they stay cool while still providing plenty of headroom for overclocking.
Each of the four dies features a temperature sensor on the controller chip, one at the output mosfets, and one of the ASIC die.
A high performance Cortex M3 microcontroller was chosen, and direct DMA access allows it to simultaneously communicate with ASICs on two SPI busses while also performing other job queuing and monitoring applications.
Getting good pressure on the water cooling heat is critical to cooling performance at 500W+. The addition of a custom VRM heatsink and ASIC backplate assembly helps to cool the critical power supplies while keeping the board from flexing with extreme pressure.
Designed to support the heaviest power loads, the PCB under the ASIC has 10 heavy copper layers dedicated to running power to it.
Using a standard 75mm Intel (LGA 115x) hole spacing, a huge range of off the shelf and custom coolers are available. Flexing with extreme pressure, to ensure maximal area contract between the cooler head and the four dies. Here are some cooler suggestions, Corsair H100i/H110/H80i, Coolermaster Nepton 280L, Coolermaster Glacier 240L, Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme. Also note cooling these boards properly important to achieve maximum throughput, so some coolers that you buy the fans on the radiators are not strong enough, we have tested a San Ace 120 12v server style fan that mounts on some of these. We will try to keep our faq section updated with the various ones we have tried. (Not Included)
We recommend a high quality 1000W+ single rail ATX power supply for one Habanero.
Each PCIe connector is independent, so multiple smaller PSUs can be used to power one board.
If using multiple supplies or multi-rail power supplies, please ensure each connector is provided with at least 24A for maximum performance. (Not Included)
Connection is as simple as plugging in a mini-B USB cable to the host of your choice, fire up the free and open source mining software, and start mining. See (Not Included)

Additional Information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 5.5 x 1 in
Delivery Time

Mid to the End of May 2014 for Batch 1

Liquid Cooling System

Not Included.

Power Supply

Not Included, recommend 1000W+ for a single board, or a minimum of 24A per connection if using multiple power supplies or multiple rails.

Back Plate Bracket


USB To Mini B 5pin Type

Not Included

Screw Set Package


Software Compatiblity

Cgminer 4.x or BFG Miner

Scoville Scale